Our patients' success stories

Perfect smile for a complete life

Alain contacted our clinic because his upper and lower teeth became loose. Eating caused him difficulties and smiling in front of people made him feel uncomfortable. He was seeking a lasting and reliable solution, so we recommended him to undergo a dental implant treatment.

Moving teeth, that Alain was also struggling with, can be indicator of serious dental problems. Unfortunately, in order to have a healthy gum again, some of Alain’s teeth had to be removed, a procedure which was carried out by our surgeon quickly and painlessly. Then he received high-quality, affordable SGS implants to replace his missing teeth.

Dental implant treatment is already like routine treatment for our specialists, so they made the decision fast, which and how many implants would Alain need. The method we applied was the so-called all-on-6 implantation technique, which was used in the upper and lower jaw. Their stability was ensured by a natural collagen membrane in the lower front region to allow proper ossointegration and lasting teeth replacement.

Age is an important factor in case of tooth implants, which was taken it into consideration by our specialist when he chose Alain’s implants. The system called all-on-6 implantation technique is based on fastening 6 implants in specific locations to create a force that enables the attachment of bolted dentures or a bridge containing 12 teeth. In cases when initial bone matter is insufficient in quantity or quality, the rehabilitation can be done with 6 implants to better distribute the pressure between the points. Alain received an implant supported bridge on the lower jaw, the best solution that could be adopted in that region.

After extraction it is recommended to place dental implants as soon as possible in order to minimize bone loss. Our specialist planned the treatment accordingly. In the present case, we had to wait until the necessary healing period was over. Alain received a temporary denture during the healing period to preserve the aesthetic appearance of his teeth.

Following a 4 months healing period, our patient returned to the clinic to have the crownwork done by his dentist, 12-12 porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were fabricated on Alain’s upper and lower implants.

After the treatment our patient regained his self-confidence, confident smile and the possibility to have joyful meals again.

He expressed his gratitude with the following lines:

“I owe a big thank to the entire Zahnimplantat Zentrum team. The result of the treatment is absolutely perfect. A special thanks goes to my dentist, who demonstrated such professionalism I have never experienced before, and the patient coordinators who served as my interpreter during the treatment. Thank you very much again!”

Aesthetic smile – it is never too late to make our dreams come true

Teresa has been concerned about her crowded teeth for a long time, so she decided to come to our clinic to seek medical assistance. It turned out, that an impacted upper incisor was the source of the problem, which didn’t erupt properly through the jawbone. Due to the belated treatment of the tooth, it became a hotbed for bacterial infections and inflammations. These could have resulted in more serious problems, for leaving the tooth untreated could have ended up in the development of a focal disease or cyst.

Apart from the impacted tooth, she also suffered from periodontal disease. As a result, many of her upper teeth had to be removed by one of our to ensure a healthy gum and aesthetic smile.

Missing teeth have to be replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent bone resorption. The best way to replace missing teeth is to use dental implants according to our oral surgeon. Before the dental implant placement, sinus lifting surgery was necessary on both sides due to Theresa’s advanced bone resorption. After the bone augmentation, Teresa received 16 Nobel Branemark implants and a bridge on each dental arch, composed of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns from our specialist of implantology.

After the treatment Teresa left the clinic satisfied with a happy and confident smile.

„I am so happy to have decided to complete my dental treatment at this fascinating clinic. Dr. Attila Kámán did an amazing job, he is incredible in his profession! I can’t thank them enough. At last I have a smile I can be proud of. I owe many thanks to the whole Zahnimplantat Zentrum team, they are fantastic! Teresa”

Amanda’s success story: „I feel much younger!”

Amanda received dental implants at another dental clinic but eventually lost her trust in her dentist. She contacted our clinic to have dental crowns prepared on her existing implants.

Her natural teeth were worn down from teeth grinding and their aesthetic appearance was ruined. Moreover, several of her teeth were missing which caused her difficulty in eating and hindered her from living a full life.

Following a consultation and thorough dental examination, our specialists prepared a personalized treatment plan for Amanda including detailed information about the type and duration of the proposed treatments.

First, her missing teeth were replaced with the world-leading Nobel Biocare implants and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Then the aesthetics of the front teeth were improved by natural-looking zirconia crowns.

Amanda was so satisfied with the final result, that she offered us herself to publish her photos on our website as reference for future patients. She shared the following kind words with our dental team:

My dentist is so gentle, I have never met a dentist like her before. She did an excellent work, and the dental treatment plan included exactly the same price as I paid at the end of the treatment.

Come to the clinic and discover the excellence of the dental team yourself. My friends called me brave for commencing the treatment. Finally, I also realised that there was no other alternative: the prices and professionalism of Zahnimplantat Zentrum is superlative!

A big thank to you all at Zahnimplantat Zentrum:


smile smile

Nothing to hide any more

When the patient first time arrived to us asking if we could improve her smile, so she should not need to hold her hand in front of her mouth when smiling, and we said, well, we can do the trick for you, she was so happy with the quick and reassuring answer of our dentist, that with the next smile, she even forgot her tooth covering reflexes. Well this is how the treatment started…

During the consultation it turned out that some of her dental caries was so deep that even the nerve chamber of some of her teeth were involved…She was indeed complaining for years of sensitivity and recurrent pains of her teeth…to avoid further problems she needed also some root canal treatments and fillings to avoid recurrent infections and pains. Only after the cleaning of the dental cavities and caries we can make the root canal treatments, fillings and the necessary preparations for crown and bridgework.

Unfortunately some of her teeth were too bad for salvage and we had to remove them. To have enough posts for fixed bridgework, she needed some implants also. As she was missing many teeth for decades, she had also major bone resorption, thus she needed also sinus bone augmentation (bone graft to sinuses) during the implant surgery.

Following the healing of the implants we used crowns as prosthesis.

As we could not use immediate loading 3 months had to be waited for the full healing of the lower implants, but as we can see it was worth the patience...

A new smile

Our patient came to us with moving teeth, that were beyond all professional possibilities to stabilize and save due to progressive end stage paradontal disease and bone loss. Due to her social status she really wanted to have a beautiful smile provided by fixed bridges, instead of removable dentures. Most unfortunately we really had to remove her teeth as her status was obvious looking at her original OPG. Thus she really become edentulous (without any teeth) when we embarked to reconstruct her smile.

Our oral surgeon performed bone augmentation (Onlay and sinus lifts) with 9 implants into her upper jaw and 5 implants were placed into the mandible. Following the implant placement and healing we took the impressions, checked the metal basis and finally we fixed the new bridges.

Great care was taken, that the new crowns should provide the high demand esthetics with their natural forms and sizes, which taken into account the high degree original bone loss, was enhanced by using pink/ gum colored ceramics to keep the length of the crowns within the demands of the final esthetics.

X-ray views of the osteointegrated implants, the screws fixing the bone blocks are also visible.

Esthetics and functionality

Our 51 year old patient arrived to us with missing teeth, old fillings and crowns, extremely worn teeth (abrasion). He needed full mouth rehabilitation. Thus unfortunately we needed to prepare all his teeth.

The process of dental treatment

The treatment was basically divided between the upper and lower jaw. We started with the upper. As he had anterior cross-bite, we had to make root canal fillings. Then the patient received a full upper bridgework, to set the right bite, the right facial height and also to train the temporomandibular joint for bite raising purposes.

He had dental implants in the region his missing lower molar regions. Following the osteointegration of these implants we could prepare the lower fixed porcelain bridgework.

Our patient was perfectly happy with the result as it was not only esthetically pleasing, but also his bite was functionally restored.

Impossible? A word not existing in our library

This patient of ours was delaying definitive reconstructing works on his teeth for decades, for the reason of fear. He was afraid of a long serious of painful and long dental procedures when the whole would start. Nevertheless after a long time eventually convinced by his wife, he embarked on the treatment. Despite his age being worried as a child he finally forced himself into our dental chair. Fortunately following a long consultation when he got answers to all his questions his fears grossly reduced and eventually started the treatment with full confidence.

Fortunately in this gentleman’s medical history there was nothing serious noted that could contraindicate our dental and surgical plans. He had only vague history of allergic reactions to penicillin in the past.

As you can see our patient arrived with eight missing teeth in the upper jaw and we also had to remove one additional tooth.

As a next step we performed bilateral (both side) sinus lifts (bone augmentation to the sinuses e.g. between the bony floor of the maxillary sinus and the elevated sinus membrane) together with placing 7 implants into the upper jaw. As he was missing his molars and premolars in his bottom jaw with no tooth in the far end (free and no possibility to prepare a conventional bridgework) we implanted 2-2 Camlog implants to both sides to reconstruct the basis for posterior molar support.

We also had to remove the mobile lower left central incisor (31) which had major paradontal disease.

The patient got a long term temporary bridge for the lower jaw and a temporary removable prosthesis for his upper jaw for the healing period. In 6 moths time we met again when the final, definitive dental work started.

As a general good state of his upper right 7 (17) lower left 3, 4, 5 (3,4,5) and lower right 3, 4,5 (43, 44, 45) they did not need any dental work.

We have chosen the shape and color of the crowns according to the patients age and remaining teeth for a more natural look.

An uncompromised smile

You can see on the orthopantomographic X-ray (short OPG) the end stage paradontitis, with major bone resorption around the existing teeth, which in turn make all teeth instable, mobile, impossible to function well in chewing, biting, not to mention esthetics and pains. (Bone level is approximately at the tip end of the roots)

Our patient had this X-ray (above) when he first arrived to us for a consultation. A through look on the OPG makes it clear that it is impossible to reduce inflammation, stabilize or save any teeth.

Unfortunately we had to remove all remaining teeth to fight against infection and further bone loss. 3 months following extractions the patient had simultaneous bilateral (left an right sided) sinus lifts together with the placing of the implants. 10 implants were inserted into the maxilla and 8 to the bottom jaw the mandible.

For the healing periods the patient was wearing removable dentures.

Following the osteointegration – the healing of the implants started definitive dental rehabilitation. We constructed the upper and lower bridges to stabilize not only the occlusion but also the original facial height and of course to provide the best possible esthetics. Bearing in mind the considerable amount of lost bone height due to the original paradontal disease, to avoid the excessive crown length we kept the esthetic crown length and used pink/gum colored porcelain above the crowns for the best possible esthetics.

The final result is, as you can see, the uncompromised smile…

Implant supported crowns, stable function, chewing, natural smile, self confidence.

Our patient visited our clinic recently for a regular check up. This past, more than a decade proved, that the implants placed at our clinic are functioning perfectly and providing a life of full value for our patient even after the guarantee period.

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